The Hoop Warrior Wellness Program is designed to improve the health and well being of your company's employees. Using The Betty Hoop, an adult sized, Idiot Proof hula hoop, Betty guides your team through various fun dance moves. First she targets and corrects the Top 5 structural imbalances found in thousands of people, then teaches the infamous Belly Pump method, which chiropractors state is a great spinal decompression technique and then hosts the Hoop Off. Employees compete for a prize and bragging rights.

Research has shown that a corporate wellness program increases employee morale, mental focus and productivity as well as decreases employee sick days, on the job injuries and turn over.


How to Hoop: Betty targets and corrects bad posture in and out of the hoop in the first 5 minutes. Students quickly release low back tension and breath deeper. This leads to a quick energy boost. Many comment that they feel more awake and excited for the rest of the day.

HoopCore: This is an easy and fun cross training program which uses an Idiot Proof hoop at different speeds and levels on and off the body.

Hoop Obstacle Course: Betty can set up a large course including props to sit, run through, balance and jump on all while hooping.

Team Relay Races: Teams compete by running with the hoop from one cone to another. Beginners are shocked at how accomplished they become. Everyone loves this activity.

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