The Belly Pump Method

Chiropractors and fitness enthusiasts use this as a spinal decompression technique for therapy and sports performance

The Belly Pump Method: A series of quick, powerful contractions of the transverse abdominal muscles back toward the spine. This retrains the body to engage the core muscles first, rather than continuing to overuse and fatigue the wrong parts of the body when in motion; quadriceps, hip flexors and lower back - L4 & L5 vertebrae. This practice retrains the body to work correctly and safely, developing true core power. Once the core muscles can move independently from the rest of the body, the hips can open. Then you will have increased blood and oxygen flow in the organs and spinal chord. This promotes better digestion by flushing out toxins and tonifying the organs. It increases flexibility, range of motion in the joints and the experience of feeling a strong center, core and consciousness.               

Dozens have lost 10 pounds and 4 inches in less than 1 month!

"The Belly Pump is the single most effective way to strengthen and tone the core." - Josh: JG Athletics, LLC