Prevent Injury-   Make Sure you are Hooping the Right Way   -   Achieve Toning & Weight Loss Goals   -   Learn Tricks                                            In Just the First Session,  Use Betty's X-Ray Vision to Realign your whole System!


*RATES: 1 session is 20 minutes for $30.

*You can also schedule 2 sessions for $50.

*Please fill out the form below to contact Betty for an appointment. All appointments must be pre-paid using the Paypal links below and sessions are non-refundable


Betty will give you a structural analysis and show you how to correct your posture in the first 5 minutes. Then she will work with your personal needs to ensure that you are hooping from the core.


FACTS:  Most women have compression and try to hoop from the lower back. Most men are tight in the hips and try to hoop from their quads. Most people thought they can keep the hoop up, are using a hoop that will cause long term pain and prevent them from getting better.

- The Betty Hoop is suggested to be used during these sessions. It was designed for maximum effectiveness and safetly. - DANGERS OF OTHER HOOPS: Hoops that are over 2 pounds have proven to pinch nerves and discs, injure the knee joint and internally bruise organs. Hoops that are under 1 pound are too light for the average body type to generate enough momentum for it to stay up. The body thrusts itself forward, creating more hyper-extension in the back, just to keep the hoop spinning. 

Betty is also available for out of town performances, public speaking, school assemblies and teacher trainings. Learn more HERE.


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1 session: $30.

2 sessions: $50

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