Betty is a 5X Guinness World Record Athlete for Speed & Distance running while Hula Hooping. She has completed The Bolder Boulder 10k 4 years in a ron and The Hollywood Half Marathon. The hoop has never stopped or dropped!


Bringing FUN into Fundraising:                                                                                                                                                Team Hoop is a on and off course favorite for all road races.  They inspire everyone to reach their personal goals. If you like to run, why not go down in history and help raise money for great charities and join Team Hoop.


Team Objective: To create a moving bubble around Betty, buffering other racers from running into the hoop. Blockers stay within inches of her hoop, stopping at any given moment. (we will run about a 15 min. mile often breaking out in sprints)
Team Formation & Jobs: You can choose which position you’d like. Betty is available for practice drills to develop pacing and communication while running. **Your company can be included in all media coverage.
Team Compensation:
Free hotel, registration and celebratory meal. Opportunities to cross promote for your business.
Blocker Positions

Leader: (1 person) This position runs 2 yards ahead of the team, parting the crowd and directing the 2 Front Runners.
Front Runners: (2 pl) Sometimes running backwards, this position communicates with Betty when picking up pace or slowing down.
Side Runners: (2pl) Racers in the zone usually don’t see the hoop and try to enter the ‘bubble’ from either side. This position holds the space physically by jogging with arms out and communicating with the crowd.
Back Runners: (2pl) This position holds a strong space as most of the racers come from behind. They also must be very aware as they pose the most danger of running into the hoop. Due to unforeseen obstacles and unheard communication from the front runners, sometimes Betty stops immediately.
Cameramen: (2pl) Backrunner will wear a Go Pro strapped to the chest. This person runs behind Betty as a blocker while filming the hoop spinning, used for the Guinness Book. TV segments. Floating camera man. This person will strategize with Betty where to break in and out of the course to capture start, finish and certain mile markers. Communication with a member of the team via cell phone will tell this cameraguy where the team is so he can prepare to meet them.

In 2005 Betty set 2 Guinness Book World Records for speed & distance hula hoop running The Bolder Boulder 10k. She broke her speed for the following 3 years. Others around the world have tried to break these records.

The hoop has never stopped or dropped in any of the races. She is featured in the 2008 Guinness Book, pg. 219 

Bolder Boulder 10k - Best time: 1hr 14min.
2012: April 7th 
Hollywood Half Marathon 21k ( 13.1 mls.) 3hrs. 3min.