• 5X Guinness Book World Record Holder in speed and distance running with a hula hoop. (The hoop has never stopped or dropped)

  • Creator of the Workouts; 4 Rhythm Hoop Dance™, HoopCore™ Fitness,  Kids Hoop Warriors™, The Belly Pump Method Top 5 in 5

  • Designer of The Collapsible Betty Hoop™  

  • The First Hoop Instructor/Talent for Gaiam Inc.

  • Sports Entertainer : Hoop-Snowboarding & Hoop-Running

  • Certified Anusara Yoga Instructor

  • Level 2 Certified Reiki Practitioner

  • Sports Include; Rock Climbing, Snowboarding, Mountain Biking, Long Distance Running, Yoga

  • Betty has donated hundreds of hoops and volunteered time teaching to areas after tragedy. McDonough 35 School NOLA,  Columbine School CO, Periwinkle Cancer Foundation, Susan Komen Foundation, Step Up, Denver Children's Hospital, Port Marie School Jamaica, Schools and Fire Stations throughout NYC                                                                                                                                         
  • Fundraiser for Livestrong, Los Angeles Youth Network, etc. while setting/breaking World Records


Although her focus is on moving the body the right way, everyone laughs and gets it within the first 5 minutes. “I’m serious about having fun” says ‘Hoops. “There is a right way and wrong way to move the body in all sports. Proper body mechanics is crucial to evolving in any sport." “Open the hips, align the spine and free your mind. That’s my motto.” Raised in NY and residing in Aspen, CO, Betty’s style of teaching is boot camp meets yoga teacher. Leaning almost into the student’s hoop she shouts out adjustments, "Suck and tuck! Pump your core! Rock your hips faster! You can do it!”  Her mission and success has been to teach the doubtful that they can do something they never thought they could do. Once they have that taste of success, anything is possible.
She states that her claim to fame is getting kicked out of a step aerobics class in '91 for lack of rhythm and endangering others. Others would say that it is proving that running with a hula hoop for miles, non stop, is possible. In 2005 she set 2 World Records for speed and distance running while hula hooping the Bolder Boulder 10k. She since has broken her speed, 3 years in a row and recently set a new distance record by finishing the Hollywood Half Marathon in 3 hours. She also created another cross sport; Hoop Boarding (hula hooping while snowboarding)
Pioneering the Hoop into Fitness:  Betty coined the term Hoop Dance in 2001 which is now generically used as a way to get fit with the hoop. She founded one of the first Hoop Dance-Fitness companies in 1998. She also designed, The Betty Hoop. Known as The Idiot Proof Hoop, it the first safely weighted, padded, collapsible hoop and in home hoop fitness program in America. Betty hosts yoga hoop retreats, corporate wellness packages, athlete and team cross training, teacher certification courses for schools and the general public.




Betty Hoops is regarded as the leading Hoop Fitness company in America, offering cutting edge products and programs for all ages. Over 30 thousand hoops and DVDs have been sold.
Founded in 1998, Betty has driven the main stream fitness industry toward cardio-dance based classes as a way to get fit. Betty moved from Aspen to NYC 2 weeks after 9/11 to share Kids Hoop Warriors and 4 Rhythm Hoop Dance in fitness centers and schools.  Her outreach includes volunteer teaching and donating hoops to cancer centers, abuse and addiction recovery centers, foster homes and as emotional, community relief in disaster areas.
There are over 100 licensed Betty Hoops Dance Therapy Instructors in the US and Canada. Kids Hoop Warriors is endorsed and taught through dozens of schools, Hoop Core and 4 Rhythms are used by dozens of group fitness instructors and personal trainers. 
Bettyhoops.com offers medical research between other hoop products and teachers as well as easy to understand sports physiology when using a hoop.