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There are dozens of Hoop teachers, products and certification programs.  Many Bikram, Zumba, Yoga & Hoop Teachers admit that they are mostly taught to teach a routine, with little focus on alignment and verbal/physical corrections. Betty's System teaches everyone and every ability, the insight and knowledge on how to correct bad posture and movements, in and outside of the hoop. This skill goes far beyond just teaching someone how to hoop. It empowers the teacher and student to have the awareness to heal themselves and others!

3 DAY TRAINING Certification Cost:$599

(offered Friday-Sunday)  
This includes:
1.) 20 hours of instruction through the class segments; How to Hoop the Right, Warm Ups, Targeting and Correcting the Top 5 Common mistakes, 4 Rhythm Hoop Dance, Music styling, verbal cueing, Freestyle segments (Hoop Dance Off, Team Relays, Hoop Limbo, Freeze & Go's, 20 Basic Tricks plus Trick Variations, Yoga Poses for Hoopers.)
2.) Study time also includes structural analysis and correction for each individual. DID YOU KNOW.. most teachers do not know how to isolate and use the core muscles separately from the rest of their body?
3.) An indepth, easy to follow, Course Book with pictures
4.) Licensed Instructor Tank Top & logo'd sweat band
5.) Focused time to team teach with Betty to work through any hesitation and to build your confidence in teaching.
6.) The first 6 months of coaching for building your business and becoming a more proficient hooper. 
7.) The Logos, base fliers for classes, workshops, events and additional learning and marketing information.

1 WEEK PRIVATE TRAINING Certification Cost: $1,100

This cost is more because:
1.) The hours of study are longer.
2.) Betty will be arranging specialty classes in your honor, for you to learn and team teach.
3.) There will be more individual time to study 1 on one 1.
4.) Betty might need to rent studio space for public classe to coincide with your training.

Once Certified You Will Receive:

  • An Instructor listing on BettyHoops.com with contact and bio for new clients to find you
  • Opportunities to teach at certain gyms, schools and fitness centers
  • Opportunities to co-host Hoop Jams and Yoga Hoop Retreats and various public events
  • Wholesale prices on the Betty Hoop™, tote, dvds, Hoop Core Tank Tops.

HOOP CORE FITNESS For Fitness Trainers & General Public

  • Learn the 'Belly Pump'. The single most important technique for isolating and strengthening the core.
  • Learn how to hoop the right way.
  • Learn how to target and correct the Top 5 Structural misalignments.  
  • Learn the top 20 techniques to get your clients in the best shape ever!
  • The Betty Hoop is used as a low impact resistance tool for upper, lower and core strength, weightloss & toning.
  • The Betty Hoop is sold at wholesale to trainers and clubs.

4 RHYTHM HOOP DANCE For Group Fitness Instructors & General Public

  • Learn the "Belly Pump'. the single most important technique for isolating and strengthening the core.
  • Learn how to hoop the right way.
  • Learn how to target and correct the Top 5 Structural Misalignments.
  • Learn & Teach the Workout:
  • Earth: African Drumming / Feel strong and grounded in your lower body.
  • Water: Carribbean Music / Swim within your hoop and move wit fluidity.
  • Fire: Funk Music / Master the 'Belly Pump' while igniting the fire inside.
  • Air: Techno Music / Allow your breath to lift you up and release your stress.

If you like Zumba - You'll LOVE this!

KIDS HOOP WARRIORS For School Teachers, Youth Coordinators & General Public

  • Learn how to hoop the right way
  • Learn the "Belly Pump'
  • Learn how to target and correct the Top 5 Common mistakes while Hooping.
  • Learn & teach the Hoop Warriors Program.
  • Learn games, tricks and freestyle moves.
  • Learn adaptive ed. with the hoop.

Kids will stomp swim jump and soar their way through rock and pop tunes. They'll get their shot at the ultimate obstacle course, hoop simon says and hoop relays. They will also learn the top 10 hoop tricks. 

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