May the Force be with You

The more we connect to the forces of nature, the more we develop that strength and higher consciousness within ourselves. I live in the mountains of Aspen Colorado because it nurtures me with a constant flow of vibrancy and serenity. I developed my 4 Rhythm Hoop Dance program to share with others who don't get the chance to live close to nature. It has instilled Strength, Flow, Passion and Peace into thousands of people who practice it. 

The mountains provide a strength and really put life into perspective when standing 14,000 feet on top of a summit. The rivers, flowing through each season, remind us that things are always flowing. And to jump into a crystal clear, 42 degree high mountain lake, reflecting the mountains that feed it, is the ultimate wake up call.  The alpen glow, if you've never seen it or been in it's radiance, is magical. And the air, clean and crisp, imparts a pureness into the heart and mind that is unmatched. This is the force of nature. And the more we connect to these elements, the more we discover our true nature. Pick up a Betty Hoop and the 4 Rhythm DVD and may the force be with you.                                                                       

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This is your Brain on Nature

Nature nurtures us. It boosts our mood too. According to the attention restoration theory, spending time in nature relieves the stress and mental fatigue caused by the “directed attention” that work and city life require.